Extreme H — Off-road racing with hydrogen cars

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In 2024, a series of off-road racing using hydrogen cars will debut. Extreme H will be the companion championship to Extreme E. Extreme E is an off-road motorsport using electric vehicles and held its inaugural race last year. Extreme H will also host a companion championship. Both series will be held in the same places on the same day using the same format. Alejandro Agag (also the founder of Formula E), said that organizers are considering two options for hydrogen integration: combined race or full transition.

The Extreme H car development is ongoing and a prototype will be ready for use by 2023. The chassis and powertrain will be identical to Extreme E. However, the central power source for the vehicle will be a hydrogen fuel cells.

So far, cars have been revealed

Six teams have already displayed their 2022 F1 cars. These teams are Haas and McLaren, Red Bull as well as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull, Red Bull, Aston Martin and Mercedes. This means that more than half of the 20-car grid has been set for the 2022 season. We thought it was time to offer you all a place to view all of them at once.

Below are photos of all cars that were publicly revealed at the time of publication. You’ll also see quotes from drivers and team leaders, as well as images of the cars in the gallery.

Mercedes W13 – Lewis Hamilton and George Russel

Hamilton stated, “It just takes one back to being a child.” Hamilton said, “It’s always exciting to watch, I mean, with this new era car, we have never seen such drastic changes, right?”

“So it’s such an enormous change in so many aspects, that it’s just been really fascinating seeing the designers and everybody coming together to create a masterpiece.”

Russel stated, “It feels amazing, obviously Lewis has driven so many laps on the simulator of that.” We’ve seen all the drawings and had many meetings and presentations about the project, but seeing it all come together, all the hard work and determination that went into it and all coming together, it’s incredible.

“And I think that the silver [coming]back, we’ve had a tremendous livery with black in the last couple of years – but the silver back to track I think will look incredible.”

Ferrari F1-75 – Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz

Sainz said, “I think it looks aggressive and it looks radical. I also think it looks beautiful. I just hope that it’s quick.” It’s different and innovative. It’s radical and I love it. That’s what you want when you look at a new car.

Leclerc stated, “Yes, I like the livery.” It fits perfectly. Although it’s a little darker than usual, it looks great on a car like this. The 75-year anniversary logo fits perfectly with the color scheme. We are trying to portray the old days at Ferrari, you know. This color is a mixture of what we had last season at the front and what we had at our back.

McLaren MCL36 Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo

Norris stated that “Last Year was my best Formula One year so far” and was proud of the achievements as both a driver and as a team. “But I know the best is yet ahead, so my goal is to continue the positive momentum built over the past year and bring that with me into the exciting new era in Formula One.

Ricciardo stated that there is always nervous excitement at the beginning of a new season. However, this gets up to eleven when you enter a new era in regulations. “Having gone through many regulation changes, I feel that I can use that energy to adapt to new cars, new driving styles, and ultimately, new racing methods.

Red Bull RB18 – Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez

Christian Horner, team principal, stated that “we believe we have a great car.” “RB18 is coming to live. It is amazing to see it today. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work by the team. It’s exciting to see it on the track with fervor.”

Horner stated that “Because there are new regulations, it will evolve very, very quickly.” “I believe that the car will look different by the time it gets to the first race. I also think that the evolution of the car will be rapid as we move through the season.

Aston Martin AMR22 Sebastian Vettel, Lance Stroll

Vettel stated, “Look at that car. Who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect to race that?” “And I don’t think anyone knows what to expect when it comes down to the hopes for this season. There are new rules and all teams will hope they follow them.

Stroll stated that this was a huge opportunity not only for Aston Martin but for all teams. We just need to believe we did a better job. I know that everyone is trying unbelievably hard for Seb and me to have the best chance. We must also be realistic as we head into the new season.

Haas VF-22 – Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin

Gene Haas, team owner, stated that “it’s that time in the year when you’re naturally optimistic that hard work and effort will translate into a competitive entry onto track.”

Haas stated, “We all know the team’s capabilities, we’ve proven that in the past. With this new car, born out of completely new regulations and with our new design staff in place, I’m confident that we can once again show that we can compete on weekends.”