Gaming Roundup

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Even if you don’t purchase the DLC, you can race the new Mario Kart tracks

NintendoLife has discovered that Nintendo will add the tracks from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Booster Course Pass to online multiplayer queues. This is regardless of whether players own the DLC individually. Nintendo clarifies the matter in its UK website’s fine print, stating that:

“Courses starting in wave 1 of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course pass can be played locally or online from March 18th in Friends and Rivals races. This is regardless of whether one player has the Booster Pass or has access as part of a Nintendo Switch Online + Expandsion Pack membership. Courses from wave 1 will be available in Random Selection when you play Global or Regional races online starting March 22nd.

This is it. Even if you aren’t a “Mario Kart”, campaign player, you can still enjoy the new tracks by not purchasing the DLC or subscribing the Nintendo Online + Expansion Pack. However, it will be up to the “Mario Kart’ online gods to decide which tracks and how often you’ll race them.

A new trailer for “Monster Energy Supercross 5” has been released

The latest installment of Monster Energy Supercross has a new trailer that gives players a first glimpse at the game before it is released. The trailer features third- and first-person camera angles during indoor Supercross against 21 other racers. We are excited to see the full game, which will be released on March 17. Check out the trailer below.