4 Basic Steps

Car Loans

Step 1: Prep

Make sure to have all your paperwork organized. You will need the title, bill, and any check required by your state. Make sure your car is clean inside and out. This simple task can make a big difference in your car’s sale price. Great photos are essential. Keep in mind that you are competing with all other cars on the market. Photograph the exterior from several angles, and the interior from clear shots. Be sure that they aren’t blurry, too dark or too light.

Step 2: The price

Online resources can help you determine the fair market value for your car. Enter the information about your car and consider any repairs. You now know how much you should ask for when placing an ad.

Step 3: Placement

Post your ad online. If you have the funds to pay multiple fees, you can list your ad on several sites. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace offer free listing. You can choose which ad package is best for you and your budget. Some packages include additional photos, car facts profiles and longer run times. It’s a great idea to include the story behind the sale of the car, or the meaning of the car to you. Selling and buying a car can be an emotionally charged process. A good story can connect people.

Step 4: People

It’s now time to meet potential buyers. It’s best to meet at a public location such as a bank or library during the day with a friend. To ensure that the license is correct, check the license of the potential buyer. Be prepared to answer any difficult questions regarding repairs or other issues. Honesty is key. It is ethical and the buyer shouldn’t be surprised if you have accurately described and priced the item. A buyer may request an independent mechanics inspection. If you are able to accommodate the request, it is a reasonable one. However, the buyer must pay for it. You should go with interested buyers if they want to test drive the vehicle.

Have you found a buyer? Congratulations! Accept cash only or a cashier’s check only from a local bank. You can also get cash from the buyer and deposit it immediately at your bank to be extra careful. You and the buyer must complete all paperwork, including a bill. The vehicle licensing office website has a template that you can use to create a bill-of-sale.